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Extemporaneous Speaking

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24th May 2006

senorita_shlee5:22pm: Introduction
Name: Ashley
School: in Kansas
Grade: 11
Event: Domestic Extemp/random second event
Team Status:
Special Awards and Recognitions: 7th at 5A state.

12th April 2005

jeffb200611:04pm: Well this tiny little community has recieved no attention at all.
We are still at the original two members, which is making me wonder why I am writing this. Either way, Just posting in case someone looks at this place.

28th March 2005

jeffb20063:00am: Welcome
Well after doing a bit of searching, I found that there were quite a few event-specific communities in the LJ world of NFL. However, I did not find one for Extemporaneous Speaking. So here it is, in all of its glory. A community for us Extempers. Here is my filled out form as asked..

Name: Jeffrey Doyle
School: Sharyland High School
State: Texas
Grade: 11
Event: Informative Speaking / Foreign Extemp
Team Status: Captain!
Special Awards and Recognitions: State Competitor
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